Appendix: J’s Coming, Look Busy!

There is a certain kind of temptation. It’s a tricky one that sneaks up on us when we’re feeling particularly righteous or religious. But it can’t be a temptation because it feels good. It can’t be wrong if it feels good, right? Is it really a temptation if we’re sure God wants us to give in to it? The temptation we seem to think God wants us to give in to is… seriousness

Have you fallen for this one? Here’s a quick test, I saw a t- shirt once that said “Jesus is coming. Look busy!” Did you laugh or duck for fear of a lightning strike? I’m not going where you think with this. I personally think the shirt is funny, though, yeah, when J returns we “best be about the business.” If you’ve been following this blog for any time at all, you know that I refer to Jesus as “J.” It may have struck you as odd or even blasphemous. At the very least, disrespectful, but I have a very good reason for doing it here. Jesus isn’t just my Lord and Savior, though that is quite enough, he’s also my friend. The one I want to walk with on this journey through what often seems like enemy territory.

“J” has a story, though. Early in my last year at Kansas University, I found a rather poignant poster of a pencil drawing of Jesus. In this drawing/ poster Jesus is looking at us with a smile that merely says “I love you.” What made this drawing/ poster even more endearing to me was that it was signed in big letters

With Love,


That’s part of what I’m thinking when I refer to Jesus as “J” in this book. I’ve got a savior that loves me as I am. But there’s more to it than that, J has many names for a reason, and that reason is because He really is all things to all people, including friend.






















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