High and higher that is what you are to me, Lord, God, and Savior. Not aloof but a lifeline. The sun shines, the warm winds blow and joy sits beside me for a little while.

Let go. Large words like analyzation destroy the moment. The lion roaring waits in anger to devour the moment. Peace comes in like a flood but behind it waits sharpened fangs and claws. So much hate stalks the world we live in. Joy brings rest but hate does not rest for fear it will be forgotten. Perhaps that’s what the dragon fears most from Man and God, the words “depart from me, I never knew you.”

Now I think I know why praise of the one who started it all releases Joy and her sisters Faith, Hope, and Grace from their silent prisons. Adventure. “Run don’t walk/ climb don’t lie down,”

I feel my spirit cry out to flesh and bones silently wanting more than TV and late night snacks can offer. Live. Live in the moment. The oasis inside the swirling battles between Joy and the dragon. No wonder it, no wait, wonder at it all. Wonder at the honor and attention each soul deserves. And wonder at the joy and fury the words “holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty” command from both the willing and the unwilling.”


Author: gregorsouthardblog

Blogger, author of "Emerging From The Shadows," a memoir, Christian, part- time goofball.

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