Accomplish. . . What?

The old farmer smiled and then laughed loudly, throwing his hands up in the air almost as if he were praising something.                                                                                                           “Of course, of course,” he laughed again. “To think, to search, to know!” Again, I involuntarily stepped back.                                                                                                                    “Know what?”, I asked. I was afraid now. I got the feeling that something was going to be asked of me. Something I might not be able to accomplish.


The protagonist in this story, The Journey Into Know, has recently been released from a nightmare and is “out for a walk” on the countryside enjoying the day, for the first time in a long while, just for itself. His encounter with the old farmer and the journey he’s about to embark on fills him with fear. And maybe just a little bit of annoyance. Times of refreshment in the Spirit are rare and don’t last very long, so we want them to last as long as possible.

But back to the first part, I know as a child of God, I have something to accomplish. Some days, I’m sure of what that is, other days, I wonder (and worry) if I don’t. Still more, if I don’t miss out on the opportunity will I be strong or wise enough to do what I’ve been called to do by the One (J) who took great care to not only save me but give me that task or purpose? That “journey to know” is a journey that at times scares me and other times thrills and honors me.

I’ve had some rough years lately, having my job taken away from me and losing my house just to name a few things. Since then, I’ve come to live by this maxim, “I’ve got to walk the path I’m on.” I’ve referred to that path as one through the thick of an imposing wilderness a lot lately. It feels the same on most days, though the nuances of challenges and fears keep it interesting, for lack of a better way of putting it. I do know that somewhere down this path, I will know what this journey is supposed to teach me, and that “purpose” I struggle to find will be along that path as well. So, I continue to walk at the least knowing that something bigger than me is waiting for me to reach that destination or moment. In my moments of clarity, I remember that this will all make sense at the end of the journey.




Author: gregorsouthardblog

Blogger, author of "Emerging From The Shadows," a memoir, Christian, part- time goofball.

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