Funny how some bands or writers have a knack for saying something you’re thinking about or needing to hear. Stryper is a band that often fills that role for me. I just heard one of their new songs “Legacy” online. I wonder what mine would be if J took me home today? Legacy is one of those tricky words. Wanting to leave a legacy means wanting to leave a lasting impression on others. But doesn’t that mean wanting to feel more important than the next guy? It reminds of me of a question I like to think I made up but probably heard somewhere, “can a humble person know that he or she is humble?”

Much like the old joke, “everyone serves as an example, even if it’s just a bad one.” We all leave our own legacies. “Nice guys finish last” but they are remembered with fondness and serve as examples to those who were affected by their kindness and compassion. They are the often nameless standard bearers we try to emulate in our own lives and pass on to others. Where I’m heading with this is back to J’s command to “love others as we love ourselves.” J always put (and puts) our needs before his. That’s one of the reasons the world remembers him even if just merely as a great man, though he was and is a great deal more than that and that is more important than the fawning skeptics realize.

Speaking of writers, CS Lewis is one who often whispers in my ear. I’m reminded of what he wrote near the end of his great essay, The Weight Of Glory, “everyone we meet we help send to heaven or help send to hell.” I know which side of this story I want to be on. No matter what life throws at me, and that’s been quite a bit these past seven years, I’m grateful that despite how I’m feeling moment to moment, day to day, the Holy Spirit still spurs in me the desire to love others like I love myself.






Author: gregorsouthardblog

Blogger, author of "Emerging From The Shadows," a memoir, Christian, part- time goofball.

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