An Appeal To Desire

Before time began, or rather before what we call time, a vast black void filled space, a place called Chaos by makers of myth, desire drove God to speak light into dark.

All that we know, night & day, water & land, beast of ground & air, man & woman, life & death, good & evil co- exist. Some should and some should not. Night & day, partners keeping time, help those few who notice such things take note of its passing, or rather its moving forward.

Man & woman, ah yes, man & woman desire many things. Often each other. On occasions poets call poetic, one particular man desires a particular woman who, by fate or chance, or whatever it may be called, happens to feel desire for that one particular man who desires her, and that is the circle called love.

God became man to reconcile himself to Man. If that claim is the highest crest of love (and it is) then the Passion Play needs no other name. If an artist desires to take on the guise of his art to walk among his art, will he not laugh & cry (as it does) will he not fix & teach, lead & preach? Will he not then desire that the love he gives be returned?

If we follow the Lord because desire compels us to, out of love, then we will, feeling somehow that to laugh & love is real, real in a sense that chance existence is not, in a sense magnified by the surprise of joy. The Lord our God, who made the rules, who put the color on the dark canvass, who appealed to our better nature, on the cross, then later, in the resurrection, for our reconciliation, leaves us with one unopposable conclusion: that He is a God of desire.


Author: gregorsouthardblog

Blogger, author of "Emerging From The Shadows," a memoir, Christian, part- time goofball.

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