Anyone Interested In Taking A Walk?

“The moonlight arrives late in the long, hot days of August. There is that often unnoticed world between sundown and starlight called dusk where deer and other night creatures dare to emerge from forest and foxholes to watch the sunset with poets, prophets, and lovers. They come in silence, alone not alone, to the edge of what we call the civilized world: a land of traffic lights and flashing neon signs.”

I’m thinking about journeys right now. It’s really just one journey we’re on, though. We’re heading somewhere. The question is will we all end at the same destination?

Sometimes, I relish in the fact that it seems like it’s just J and me on this journey. But that’s kind of selfish. OK, not so much selfish as there is nothing wrong with having quality time with someone you love. Still, I didn’t start writing this to talk about my quality time with J.

I’m on this journey, with all the love, drama, adventure, and even comedy that comes with it, and I want everyone to join me. I don’t have any profound words right at this moment to convince those not on this journey but it’s important. We’re all on a journey heading toward the end of an adventure. What if we had a chance to end that journey at the same place? That could only mean joy for all, right? I believe in that destination (see my blog “What The Heaven?” even though I don’t think much about it because the journey itself demands most of my attention.

Today, it’s on my mind again: the journey I’m on and my desire to share that journey with others. Not the day to day struggles and victories, though I think we don’t want to go through them alone, but the grander experience. The experience that is not only the feeling that there is something bigger going on here but the knowing that something bigger is going on here. I think I will end here if for no other reason than that day to day obligations are calling, and also, I don’t want to ramble on (too much). The weekend is upon us, and if nothing else, I have given myself some homework to do.








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Blogger, author of "Emerging From The Shadows," a memoir, Christian, part- time goofball.

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