Hate, Part 2

I’m thinking now about the really great, loud thunderstorms that I used to watch and listen to when I was growing up in eastern Kansas. You could literally feel the thunder at the most exciting moments. I missed them this morning and as if God were reminding me he was there, a few distant rumbles managed their way through the walls and windows of my house. I liked it. It’s spring, and I want my windy rain storms and the noisy rumblings overhead of angels bowling somewhere up above the clouds. That’s what spring weather should be like, it doesn’t depress me, these endless cloudy London- like rainy days. I want them. I want summers to be hot and sunny. I want snow in the winter, and I want to find myself swarmed by the red, brown, and yellow leaves of fall as they well, fall all around me. I want things the way they’re supposed to be.

We all, however, want to be unique, including me. We want to be rebels, which, of course, will make us unique. But we want things to be “how they’re supposed to be” anyway. If we work hard and treat others well then we should reap our rewards. That’s how things are supposed to be. We are told, mostly by non- Christians, that the Christian life is easy/breezy. No worries here. God will take care of all our earthly needs and give us the desires of our hearts (like financial well being, a wonderful spouse, and so on) once we choose to follow our Savior.

Yet, there is that real life that we wake up to even on the good days. We feel opposed. We’re doing the best we can but Karma doesn’t seem to be holding up to its end of thebargain. A walk through J’s words in John chapter 15 are sobering even while offering us hope– in the future. “Sudden war is upon us whether we wish it or no.”

It doesn’t feel right let alone fair. We have to fight for everything non- believers do in life plus deal with the expectations of our Christian walk from both believers and skeptics. And then there is the matter of our own expectations of that walk. It’s a war out there and evil will fight us even if we don’t fight back. Christianity is a war. One we fight on our knees in prayer and one we fight in the way we handle those things that oppose us and our faith.




OK, what the heck am I doing here? This blog is supposed to be about the war we face as Christians as it has and continues to affect my life. Global theology aside, upon closer inspection, my life not only feels but looks like a war. I mean, I definitely feel opposed. What I need right now is focus. My right to abundant life, or some semblance of what I seem to believe that it should look like is being opposed. It may sound a little dramatic to put it in those terms but Christ promised me abundant life and I want it.

I’ve felt the presence of that abundant life in what I’ve called elsewhere moments of “joy out of nowhere.” A joy that can only come with feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit when I’m not expecting it. Something is actively trying to keep me from that life. I can choose to give up and pretend it’s all a dream, but I can’t because I have had personal experiences that tells me that kind of life does exist.

Or I can choose to ignore evil but evil will not ignore me. I can pretend it doesn’t exist but my experience and the world all around me tells me otherwise. Or I can choose not to fight that evil but it will fight me anyway. Experience has taught me that as well. I choose to fight.









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Blogger, author of "Emerging From The Shadows," a memoir, Christian, part- time goofball.

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